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Full Version: Pulled A Blake Griffin Rookie Jersey Woo!
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Check out my Box Breaks thread...

2009-10 Classics has treated me very nicely

So far pulled a ...

Kareem Abdul Jabar Patch #21/25

Kevin Mchale Patch #1/25

Sleepy Floyd Jersey Auto #14/25

and the Blake Griffin Rookie Jersey #166/255
Woo! Congrats! Big Grin
Do I have anything for the Griffin??
Check me for the Griffin please man
Idk... Might wanna hold on to it, I'll keep an eye out though.
Ok man I understand but if you decide to move it, I have the KLove you liked and I also have a Garnett you may like.
Show me a scan of the K-Love
[Image: cc37556b.jpg]

It doesn't book for $30 like the Griffin but feel free to check for something else or maybe even a little PayPal
I'll keep it in mind, I'm gonna enjoy it for a little bit =] lol
no doubt man its a sweet card. You've got me hovering over the order button for a box of those haha
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