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Full Version: Johhn Flynn PC with SCANS
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Just wanted to share, I don't collect much Basketball, other than Flynn.

[Image: flynnnattreasrcautopatch.jpg]
[Image: exusisiteflynn.jpg]
[Image: flynnthreads.jpg]
[Image: flynnprestige.jpg]
[Image: flynnnattreaurs25.jpg]
[Image: studio.jpg]
[Image: nattreasurs.jpg]
[Image: limiteds.jpg]
[Image: flynnblairthabeet.jpg]
[Image: flynn.jpg]
[Image: elite.jpg]
[Image: draftautos.jpg]
[Image: flynncuse.jpg]
[Image: contenders.jpg]
[Image: colsossal.jpg]
[Image: certifieds.jpg]
[Image: absolutes.jpg]
[Image: absoluterpm.jpg]
[Image: 1.jpg]
[Image: tripatchauto.jpg]
I have this if you're interested let me know.

[Image: 100_2390.jpg]

Great cards!