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You know that your sarcasms make you look like a jerk, huh? Hahaha! I guess you have your grievances in there too? Thanks for reading, Hugh and for putting your words in there. I don't think that I would want to be a Mod at all, unless I could just stick to the Hockey boards. I don't know squat about what is going on around the other boards! Haha! I look forward to more TTM's and Gamers coming in... and not to mention your amazing card pick-ups too!


(02-10-2012, 09:53 PM)pens fan addict Wrote: [ -> ]Randi -

As always, great words of advice from an experienced and respected trader on these boards. I think you are definately in line for Sainthood........I mean becoming a MOD now.

Thank you for taking the time to put "Randi's Rules" out there. I thought for the most part is was pretty common knowledge amongst traders...but theres always those exceptions.

Personally I have to add. I dont mind if a trader contacts me and asks to send in a PWE as long as the card is protected in a Penny sleeve, toploader and team bag......AND ITS ONLY A COMMON CARD!


Just my two cents.

Thanks again Randi My friend. (THE NEW MOD) Big Grin
Thanks for posting the correct way to do things when trading.
Great post Randi thanks for this, it seems that every year or so one of these posts gets to be written.
As for bubble mailers try london drugs
Quote:and I keep the bubble mailers that cards get sent to me in - I package up the cards, I put them in a used bubble mailer first then put that into the new bubble mailer for posting,


I like the idea of reusing the mailers I receive cards in and puting them into a regular mailer. It has the same protection as a new one and it is better on the on the wallet and enviroment.

They will also go into a penny sleeve, top loader, team bag with either decoys or base cards around them.

Great post Randi.
Thank you, gentlemen! I am glad to help out! If there are any more suggestions that anyone has, please do mention them and I will edit the OP to include them! Thank you all again for the wonderful compliments!


I have been burned on so many "Refractors" or "Parallels" that turned out to be just the regular card. I know some cards are hard or obscure to identify, but post a thread or do some research before you mark it as a have. There is so much collective knowledge on here, every inquiry will be answered. I even had a guy try to trade me a Cal O'Reilly Rookie Materials PATCH that was only a Rookie Materials jersey!

I have been burned on so many "Refractors" or "Parallels" that turned out to be just the regular card. I know some cards are hard or obscure to identify, but post a thread or do some research before you mark it as a have. There is so much collective knowledge on here, every inquiry will be answered. I even had a guy try to trade me a Cal O'Reilly Rookie Materials PATCH that was only a Rookie Materials jersey!
NICK! How you been man? Where you been? Haha! Very good point there to research the card(s) that you are placing into your Org. so that you know that you have the right one. Will be inserted into the thread! Thank you!

***Original Post Updated!***

Well, I think I'm going to be raked over the coals for this one but oh well. First of all, I agree with this thread. I think it's well put together and helps explain things to newbies. I can remember being new and having so many questions. I felt silly always asking questions that might have been asked before. I respect randi and his knowledge for what he's done on here and in card collecting. We've done a few trades before and i have no problem trading again.
But, Here's my feelings on shipping.
As we all know, shipping costs have gone up. (2 dollars min for any padded envelope in the US) I understand the rule if you cannot afford to trade, you shouldn't. However, I feel that trading allows us folk who cannot afford 90 dollar boxes or let alone even find them in stores, have cards that are decent and used as trade bait to help complete sets that might never be completed. Also, Some of us live in the country that cannot get to the post office very often. With that being said.

I find there to be no problem with shipping one hard plastic top loader with a card in it in a regular white envelope, however, it needs to be properly packaged and the card protected. I ship 1-2 cards in white envelopes all the time. This allows me to keep shipping/trade costs down and the card to go out in the mail the next day. I always drop the card in a hard plastic top loader, than, trace the envelope and cut out 2 pieces of light cardboard that fit almost perfectly in the white envelope, than i tape the card to one side of the cardboard, and sandwich it between the 2 pieces. Than, I run a piece of package tape around the entire envelope. I've never had a problem with this and cards have always gotten to their destination with no problem. (great, i just jinxed myself.)

I understand people will complain but i have no problem getting cards sent to me this way. I've had cards shipped this way to me and i will ship cards again in the future this way. I've had padded envelopes come in damaged on more than one occasion with the card being tore up. I feel as long as the card is properly protected, Anyway to save some costs, i feel is okay. I know most everybody will disagree with me and i hope this does not shy away any trades with me but understand and respect peoples beliefs and wishes if it does.
what are everyones thoughts on reusing a bubble mailer? i read this whole thread im not talking about using the old one as extra protection inside of a new mailer (which is great for high end cards) i recently received a few trades and the bubble mailers were "well used" looks like they had been cut open and re taped at least 3 times... personally i had no problem with this as long as they are sealed up tight. i actually thought to myself "hmm therse a way to save a little money, and be easier on the enviroment".

I had one "mail day" where i received 5-6 trades, by the time all the cards were open, taken out of the "Gunky" toploaders my garbage can was full. since then i have started keeping the bubble mailers i received, and yes i have reused a few very "gunkified" toploaders i will not tape a new toploader, but if i have some around that have already been ruined, i will use them
as far as PWE, I fully understand wanting to save some money, especially when it has cost me anywhere from 2.09- 35.00 to ship cards, actually had the trader on the other end comment on how much i OVERPAID for shipping. but a PWE doesnt really protect your cards that well. if i received something like Optimus_Prime is talking about where there was an honest attempt to protect and scure the cards in a PWE( and the cards were not damagaed) i would not give him less stars purley on envelope choice. if the cards are safe and protected when they get to me, and in the condition they were marked, then its a good trade in my books. And thanks very much Randi for taking the time to type this all out, wish i would of been here a few months ago. iam still pretty new to this and love to hears other traders ideas, methods, thoughts and opinions.
Thank you Optimus and rczubaty for reading, and I am glad that I could give any hints to the hobby!

Optimus: The PWE debacle is one that has been plaguing this hobby for some time. I understand that the shipping costs and the environmental aspect are an issue, but there are the aspects of joining a site like this that call for "unwritten rules". The bubble mailers are one of those rules. I know that I would not accept a trade offer if the other trader was insisting to send their end in a PWE. The certain sacrifices we have to make (bubble mailers, shipping, tracking on large orders, etc.) come with being members of this community, and are rarely debatable.

As for the environmental issue, there is no reason not to re-use the bubble-mailers you receive! You can just white-out the addresses on them and re-write, or snare some sticker labels from the dollar store and write out the new addys and stick them on. Or, if there is the option to recycle, do that. It's how I do it, as I like to use a new bubble-mailer for every transaction and trade!

Should you choose to send to another member in a PWE, I would highly recommend that you make sure that they are knowledgeable of your choice before the trade is accepted. Not doing so could cause much tension between the two of you, and can lead to a destroyed reputation. Thank you for the compliment on the thread, and your insight!

rczubaty: Thank you for your response. I know that there are a few people out there that re-use bubble mailers, and it's a great idea. I don't have any issue with receiving re-used mailers, or gunky (there's that word again!!!) top loaders. I would prefer not to have them, and not to have to work around them as to not damage my newly acquired card(s), but that is that. I don't think that my thread will stop the taping! Haha!

However, I do want to make one thing clear... now that I have put this out there, and if I receive a trade with a taped top-loader that has dented said card, I will not take it lightly. I will consider it a damaged card and ask for compensation. I do make sure to take all measures that I can to get the card(s) to the other end safely and in the condition that I sent them (I reiterate that I do NOT tape top-loaders!!!), and I would love to have the same respect put forth!

Thanks again to everyone for the wonderful compliments, insights and adds to this thread! I am glad that I took the time to write it as to help anyone that I could out, and I really appreciate all of the time that everyone has taken to read and reply! Thank you very much!

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