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Full Version: PayPal Fees
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I've never sold anything on Ebay and I want to start.

I read something about PayPal charging like a 3.4% fee on what you receive...

Can someone elaborate on this.

I know Ebay charges a listing fee and whatever, but im curious about the received payment fees.

Someone help!
I believe it is 2.9% of total payment received + $0.30 per transaction. I think you can get a discount if you set up a business account if you plan on using PayPal a lot. Your real fees will come from eBay I think it is up to 9% of your total price (could be more depending on what item you sell and how you sell it). Plus you have to pay a fee just to list your item after your first 50 free listings. If I'm wrong please correct me, thanks.
So is it a bad idea to list extra base cards I have? Will it really be worth it?
Not really worth it if you are trying to sell base cards online, unless it's a high end product or parallels. You could try to sale them as a "lot". I've seen a few sellers list all their inventory on a certain product & say choose any (say 10 cards) as a lot. They must email you the which numbers they want for their sets.

I think ebay as their own forum that can explain their fees.. or check their FAQ's section. Paypal only lets you transfer $500 a month to your bank account, unless you get a decent amount of transactions & confirm your bank account (link it to ebay/paypal). This is kinda scary, in case you get hacked or somebody figures out your password. I have two different passwords for my two accounts.
Thanks for the info =)
Sent you a PM.