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Full Version: Not A Whole Lot of Activity Tonight
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Not a lot of chatter going on tonight...

What's everyone up to?
Watching my boy Jimmer on TNT!
Ya I'm watching this game too
I'm popping in and out while I do some grading and such.

hey biglovin if you bought multiple boxes of 10-11 Classics you should have a full base set (minus the legends and other numbered subsets), but if you still need any, figure out which ones you need and shoot me a list before I donate them!

EDIT: Oh, and I do like that Mitch Richmond /25 you pulled, I'm just debating whether or not I want to start collecting his newer cards or not. All of my 235+ Mitches are from when he was active!
Hm... Let me check and see if I have all the base.
Thanks Buckunteer! I didn't even realize that I may have the whole base set. Just went through it all and I have all 100, Thanks for the heads up =]
And you'll notice that the Basketball board is the slowest of all of the four major sports here. It's an unfortunate truth.