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Full Version: Attn: Contest winners MannyEsco and got watcha want
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Hey Guys,

Just want to let you know I haven't forgotten about you or your movie contest prizes! Manny your lot is ready to go, I just ran out of envelopes and haven't had a chance to pick one up. I should be able to do that and get yours out tomorrow (Friday, 2-10). I'll PM you the DC when I ship it.

Got watcha want- I PM'ed you a couple times trying to figure out what you'd like in your lot but didn't get a response! I'm guessing your inbox is full. I'd just like a general idea of what you collect (teams, players, brands, etc.) and I'll try to tailor the lot to what you prefer. Also, I'll need an address to ship the lot to!

Thanks guys, and congrats one last time!