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Full Version: PC mailday and a huge thanks to delpants..bitter sweet.
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Delpants saw I was collecting Certified emeralds and sent me my first patch as a freebie. 2/5!!
[Image: IMAG0081-1.jpg]

But he also included this TJ Ward auto for my Oregon PC. Ward is my favorite former Oregon defensive player ever (at least until John Boyett goes to the NFL).
[Image: IMAG0080-1.jpg]

Also got in this Blount auto from ebay. I need to do a count but i think this makes 25. unfortunately its damaged pretty bad.
[Image: IMAG0078-1.jpg]
Heres what the ebay picture looked like, it doesnt look like this anymore.
[Image: KGrHqJHJCYE8fdfRwIzBPKIZSbwg60_12-1.jpg]
Delpants is an awesome guy
bump for delpants
Nice pick ups! Sorry about the Blount.
Glad you liked them.
Nice job delpants!!!! Sorry to hear about the LGB card Sad