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Full Version: 5 Feb Card show
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I went to the card show in Wichita on the day of the SuperBowl. It was a lot of fun. Only spent about $60 but it was a lot of fun. I bought a pack of 2010 Sweetspot and that was a waste. I got a jersey card of drunk butt NOSHOW MORENO. Yes, I'm a BRONCOS fan but he is a joke.

Former Patriot Don Calhoun was there signing autographs. I don't know who he is/was but he was a really nice guy. He signed a card for me.

[Image: 8cae760f.jpg]

[Image: 197ed49d.jpg]

[Image: 8cf8cf4c.jpg]

Really like this guy. I have a few of his other cards.
[Image: 4558e758.jpg]

This last card isn't football but its my first ever purchase outside of football...
I was stocked to get it for $20
[Image: 5ba073a8.jpg]

Thanks for the look guys..
A steal on the hosmer