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Full Version: My First John Force Relic
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I just won this on the bay if anyone interested in the other 2 let me know I will trade them when I get them in ......But Im not a John Force relic virgin anymore lol
Glad you got what you wanted, and for a great price too.

Hey Roo, send me your addy. I have some NHRA base legends cards I'll send ya from the card show. There was also a John/Ashley used/auto for $75, but I don't have your number as well to see if you want it. The dealer said he'd be back next month too.
Congrats!! I have two boxes of 2010 Legends on the way, I'll LYK if I pull any Force stuff.
Awesome deal!!!
Congrats on getting those for such a great price!
Can you believe I was happy about this and still have not got it Filing a complaint with e-bay now.
yeah, thats way too long to wait. Whats the est. date of delivery?
heres an update oh wait nothing and they said they will check on it here is the last entry


Feb-18-12, 09:36 AM, KING GEORGE, VA 22485


Feb-18-12, 09:26 AM, KING GEORGE, VA 2248
you ever get these?
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