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Full Version: 3 Boxes of Magic
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I ordered 5 boxes of Magic, but only 3 were mine and the other 2 were for my cousin. My hits are below. I'm guessing he's going to pull something awesome, because I sure didn't get anything special.

[Image: File3-3.jpg]

[Image: File7.jpg]

[Image: File4-2.jpg]
How much did you pay a box?
If you pulled any Eagles, LMK!
Missing the following for my complete base set:

Did you pull any of those base? Willing to trade?
2 nice superbowl champs hits!
2 nice superbowl champs hits!
The 2 my cousin opened was a Tyrod Taylor and Darvin Adams, so the 5 boxes were not very good.

Boxes are $20 each and only available directly from Topps.

I haven't entered my base yet, so I'm not sure right now. I'll let you know once I go through them.

I'm not much of a Giants fan. Everything is for trade.
I need any Brian Rolle, Andy Dalton, AJ Green, or Terrelle Pryor base