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Full Version: jeremy lin's amazing game vs nets
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if u missed the game, check this to see exactly what he did. it was an amazing out of nowhere performance that had the whole world excited
IMHO, he needs more experience to build his confidence and maintain this kind of performance. Anyways, I guess it is time for some Asian Noyz Boyz, lol.
i have a hard time believing that on a basketball forum, not a single person outside of this thread has said a thing about jeremy lin. lol amazing.
Lin is on my bad list for a bit.. The way he killed my jazz... I'm not happy lol.. He's ballin!
(02-09-2012, 12:33 AM)adiddy32 Wrote: [ -> ]Lin is on my bad list for a bit.. The way he killed my jazz... I'm not happy lol.. He's ballin!
LOL i saw a lot of upset jazz fans during that game. this kid is going to be special
Lin is playing very well! Wish I would have picked up a couple of his auto'sSad
Back in December, Lin played during garbage time. He was the only one on the team playing hard, as if he wanted to will the team to win. I'm glad that in January I was able to obtain a Limited Next Day AU (34/99) with a BO of $40 down from an asking price of $99 BIN. It was the only on-card auto of his I could find. Another went for $23 off bidding. My brother-in-law said he would probably get cut at the end of the season. That was back in December. Now they are asking $400 to $600 on the Bay for this same card. Last one sold for $250 BIN yesterday.

I saw all I needed to see in that garbage time. Maybe he wouldn't have panned out, but at least I could say he played with heart. This card will go nicely with my Ryan Fitzpatrick Exquisite. A Harvard collection. Big Grin

Win or lose against the Lakers tonight, I hope he plays with the same fire and intensity he had for the last three games.

But what happens when the other two come back?
(02-10-2012, 08:35 PM)tupark82 Wrote: [ -> ]

Is Jeremy Lin for real?
I agree with what Hubie said on SportsCenter tonight. Only for a little while, then they'll be foolish and try to run plays for Melo and Amare again instead of running and open floor..............WHICH IS DANTONI'S GAME!!!!!!!!
Five 2010-11 Limited Next Day Jeremy Lin cards have sold for an average $400+ each in the past 90 minutes.
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