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Full Version: 1 BOX Topps Garbage (Precision) wish I'd just gotten a blaster of something!
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So the night before last I got in my box of Topps Precision out of my 7-8 box order bought w the $1600 off that Griffey I sold from a $20 box. HUGE PROPS to Topps marketing team bc this product looked amazing when it first went on presale. Hadn't bought a box n over 3 yrs & was plannin on just getting $1600 worth Limited SPA & Contenders but upon seein the sell sheet for this, had to get 1 to try it out. Morn of release I looked up the cards all day on Ebay & saw bout 5 breaks here before I finally got home to break mine. What I saw made me regret getting a box of this incredibly bad, & came extremely close to selling it to my LCS owner but pulled out at the last min b/c I'd hate a 1-n-lifetime I gave away (that & he was wanting to buy for $140 / sell for $240 like all greedy LCS's tend to do.) Atleast the cavernously (if that's a word) low expectations helped out w the disappointment that comes w a product running $170 min. (Blowout) & $240+tops (for those chosen 2 waste their $$ "keeping the LHS's alive." (Not try to offend but I just don't have the money for what they charge, just so they can get their own boxes practically free.)

As I say on the video, halfway through the box (2 packs) I'm at about a $12 total of cards sell value on an average of $100 worth of product, 2nd half wasn't much better. I won't be buying Topps anymore, they're like a last-season Favre or Jordan that needs to drop outta the race before they just keep tarnishing their legacy more & more. Here are the "goods?" :

[Image: 11-TP-Base.jpg]

1. Adrian Peterson
9. Marques Colston
13. Tony Dorsett
24. Jason Witten
41. Chad "Dumba$$"
45. Joe Flacco
53. Kenny Britt
61. Joe Namath
64. Ryan Mathews
70. Arian Foster
77. Steve Johnson
97. Joseph Addai

Not too bad on the base, actually the base were the best "HITS" of my $175 box! Surprisingly (well not for this product but for any self-respecting $200+ product with 12 base cards per box) none are numbered.

[Image: 11-TP-JHarperRCAU.jpg]

Jamie Harper Base RC ON-CARD AU (1:BOX)

$: Not expecting much as, although none have been sold yet, the one JUMBO RC Patch AU has sold for $3.54

EST: $1.50-$2.50

Nice card being on-card & a true base RC (ON-CARD) AU…but for a product this expensive, and a pack costing around $25+ you're probably not wanting your 1 on-card base RC AU per box of Jamie Harper.

[Image: 11-TP-DBessAU.jpg]

Davone Bess "Veteran" AU sticker Sad (1:BOX)

$: Again…NOT expecting much as HIGHEST one yet sold for $2.75

EST: $1.50-$2.50

I like Bess, a lot actually, I've collected him quite a bit since his rookie yr, bout 4 of his Contenders RC AU and like 12 of his RC AU's total, but again…for a product this expensive, and a pack costing around $25+ you're probably not wanting your 1 "VETERAN" AU card per box being a a 3-4 yr receiver unless he's around top 4 in the league.



[Image: 11-TP-TThomasAU.jpg]

Thurman Thomas RETIRED AU sticker Sad 1:40 packs) so yeah a bad card, I was decently happy w/ it.. I mean, hard to complain about an AU card of an ALL-TIME GREAT HOFer RB…but I think I'm up to the task, so here goes:

$:SURPRISE SURPRISE..Still Not expecting much at all on yet another hit as there's only been sold yet & it was for only $15! & OH YEAH, that one was #ed /25 … mine's not even #ed

EST: $7-$8

[Image: 11-TP-JTodmanRCAUGUP.jpg]

Jordan Todman JUMBO Patch RC AU /25 sticker Sad

Very nice card having a huge slice of patch w/ 6 levels of a 5-COLOR PATCH! BUT.. everybody's been cringing about hitting Todman this year, I don't know much about him, but just last week I saw someone hit him on the forums and ask "Who's Jordan Todman" only to get a reply of, "Some guy that EVERYBODY keeps hitting this yr on here but NOBODY wants to!"

$: YET AGAIN…Not expecting much as, although none have been sold yet, the highest regular JUMBO Patch RC AU has sold for $2.85 & one for as low as $1 w/ $2 shipping

EST: $6.50-$8

1 numbered-card in THE WHOLE ENTIRE $200 (on average) product!!

Apparently I haven't paid enough attention as to how much I've been using my debit card & I spend the money I was saving for 2 boxes SP Authentic next wk, so I was really hoping to get as close as I could towards having enough to get atleast one box by selling the contents of this one. That turned out damn good, as I probably have about:

EST: $25-$30 if I sell EVERY card one-at-a-time(& that's being EXTREMELY generous)…what a damn break!!

THEN, to make the whole break even worse, I slipped w/ a straight-razor at the end of the break and cut my thumb LITERALLY to the bone trying to cut out the odds list on the back of the cardboard mini-box. Obviously Topps isn't privy to the rumors surrounding me, NOBODY makes me bleed my own blood!

In all seriousness though, I mean dang Topps, you could have atleast lubed up first ya a$$hole :<

Used the $1600 Griffey money on a 7-box order hoping more than anything to get a Cam Newton RC AU, & am now realizing how crappy it feels when I could already bought a SP Authentic & Playoff Contenders RC AU of him solely from the boxes I've already opened + I still have the 2 Conteders & 2 SP Authentic coming in. Dang y did I ever go back to box-breaking :<
I didn't even post my break of Precision it was so bad. Hankerson base auto, Todman relic auto, T.J. Ward "veteran" auto /99, Mikel Leshoure red ink auto /75. I want to forget it happened.
(02-04-2012, 08:04 PM)delpants Wrote: [ -> ]I didn't even post my break of Precision it was so bad. Hankerson base auto, Todman relic auto, T.J. Ward "veteran" auto /99, Mikel Leshoure red ink auto /75. I want to forget it happened.
Sounds like a good box to me.
T.J. Ward is one of my favorite Ducks ever Smile
DAMN! Sorry bout your break :/ hope the next one is much better...

Does the Harper qualify for the SuperCollector Contest?
are you interested in selling the Bess with a price.......hes a product from hawaii.....
Im a Devin Hester Collector. I like cardsSmile
Ouch. The Todman is nice (and I like him because he went to UConn), but damn. That's painful for the price you just paid. Sorry!
If the Thurman is FT, please check me for it...thanks
I won't be buying anymore of it either... I got 3/4 of my cards with serial numbers though.

2011 Topps Precision Rookie Autographs White Ink #132 Roy Helu /25
2011 Topps Precision Autographs Red #PCVAJP Jason Pierre-Paul/99
2011 Topps Precision Rookie Jumbo Relic Autographs Red #RAJRTJ Taiwan Jones /50
2011 Topps Precision #117 Alex Green AU RC (On Card Auto)
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