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Full Version: 3 Boxes Limited - Nice Titus Young and Julio Jones
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Alright, picked up 3 boxes of limited today. Once again not the best boxes in the world, but good enough to keep me going. And I didn't get a Bilal Powell card so I will not give up box breaking just yet!!

Julio Jones Draft Day Jersey/Auto #d 01/10
Ken Stabler Jersey #d 90/99
Jack Lambert Gold Jersey #d 15/50
Jahvid Best Gold #d 07/25
[Image: p1.jpg]

Taiwan Jones (Looks and feels like part of a arm band or some material that isn't a jersey, sock, or shoe) #d 49/99
Titus Young Prime Jersey/Auto #d 10/25
Greg Little 2-Color Jersey #d 03/25
Torrey Smith Jersey #d 72/99
[Image: p2.jpg]

Blaine Gabbert Draft Day Jersey #d 20/100
Matthew Stafford Parallel #d 49/50
Stevan Ridley Material Phenoms Rc #d/299
[Image: p3.jpg]
I'd say you did pretty good!
the titus young is the sleeve of his jersey...
Nice boxes...mine the Taiwan jones
Great breaks! Could you please check me for the Julio and drop me a pm? Thanks!
Very nice Julio Jones.
Interested in the Stabler
Nice Titus! I still have that Sammy Crown Royale Patch if you are still interested.
interested in the titus
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