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Full Version: 3 Boxes of 2011 Plates and Patches
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Three boxes at the LCS today. Just the hits.
Box 1:
Steve Johnson mem /82 (Weird numbering)
Mark Ingram mem /299
Jacquian Williams remdemption auto /?
Joe Leffged auto /50
Taiwan Jones RPS auto /499

Box 2:
Tony Romo mem /299
DeMarco Murray mem /50
Brandon Harris auto /25
Dane Sanzenbacher auto /25
Christian Ponder RPS auto /299

Box 3:
Vernon Davis mem /199
Steve Johnson patch /10
Lee smith auto /199
Greg Salas auto /150
Cam Newton RPS auto /299
wow, people are pulling Newton's today
Very nice hit on the Cam.
My man Lee finally has something to chase! LOL up til now it's been all base or parallels. Not even a single insert. Could you check me for it? I'll give you more in TV than it will book for I'm sure lol. Let me know via pm if interested. I'd consider trade and Paypal combo or straight Paypal if you don't see anything. Thanks!!
Some nice pulls! Especially on the Cam! Congrats!
Very nice pulls.
Check my bucket for the Sanzenbacher Auto. I didn't know he had cards in the product. Sweet.
Very very nice Newton.You had some nice mojo in the final two boxes! lol who is joe leffged?
Nice three boxes there congrats
Thanks for the comments. Pretty pleased with this break. Only 1 rookie I have never heard of. I just traded my only other Cam auto so I am glad I got another quickly. They make good trade bait. Also happy to pull my 7th Ponder auto. I am either a Ponder magnet or buy too many boxes; probably a little of both.
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