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Full Version: My PC - video
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Hey guys, I'm pretty sure I posted this before but here it is again.

I have a video of it and then I put a little website together to keep track/showoff/and track down other cards.

Video -

Website -

I sell some of the cards out of this because I enjoy tracking things down. There are a few I wont sell.

JoePa auto for obvious reasons.

The Sam Gash auto took me 4 years to find. 2 weeks after I bought it for $25 another popped up on eBay. Those are the only 2 I have seen in 5 years.

Michael Robinson - 2007 was the first year I lived with my then gf, now wife, and for Easter that year she bought me this card. This is what set off my quest for 1 PSU rookie auto of every player thats got one produced in PSU uniform.

Daryll Clark and Sean Lee - Press Pass was losing their collegiate license so I told her I wanted to buy one more box (ever) of Press Pass and she said that was ok. She pulled the Clark and I pulled the Lee out of that box. So neither of those are going anywhere.

All the other's I like to list for free on ebay and if they sell, track them down for cheaper than what I sold them for and pocket the profit. I find it fun but I get antsy when I can't find certain cards after a while. With the profit I sometimes will upgrade some of the cards in my collection.

The following are a couple I need to get back

1992 Courtside Mark D'Onofrio
1992 Courtside or Classic Keith Goganious
2000 Sage Hit LaVar Arrington (I'd like the card to be vertical instead of the horizontal one I have)
2000 Sage Hit Brandon Short for the same reason as the LaVar
2008 Upper Deck Anthony Morelli - I dropped this after I scanned it for my site and killed a corner.

Thanks for the look. I built the plaque myself that they are displayed in but I have since changed it a bit. There are horizontal pieced of wood running between each row of cards. Some of the cards in the vid aren't the ones in the plaque anymore either. My wife and I are having a baby and she is due the 18th of this month so I was booted from the computer room. The plaque isn't hanging up anywhere at the moment but when I get it back up I will make an updated video.