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Full Version: 1 Supreme, 1 Limited and the board's first (I think?) Precision!
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This is a story about an awful Precision box, an ok Supreme, and the Limited that tried save the lot... and couldn't do it. :-)

First- Precision. Nice looking cards. I think I just got a bad luck box. Also, I don't like the fact that they had no numbers on 3 of my 4 autos. I don't think the production is very high on these, so they couldn't possibly have Topps Platinum-like print runs. It just bothered me that the base autos are not numbered in a $180 box. Maybe it's just me.

[Image: PrecisionBreakA.jpg]

[Image: PrecisionBreakB.jpg]
TJ Ward /25

Supreme could have been worse.

[Image: 2011SupremeBreak.jpg]
Marcell Dareus /25

And Limited could have been worse, too.

[Image: 2011LimitedBreak.jpg]
Beanie Wells /50
Jerry Rice /99
Willie Brown /50
Jordan Cameron /199

IDK, not diggin the precision look is that white area suppose to make them mystical like a wizard or something
They look like Prime, Legends, and Inception had a love child together.
Is Precision on-card?
Only the Greg Little is on card.
holy crap i want that TJ ward bad! what would it take to get it
Plz check me for all the browns autos...I have a Hamilton you might like
I agree with the precision...a HUGH let m lcs, there $209 a box and autos are not numbered except for the variations....BAD time I just get another box of triple threads
Precision reminds me of Marquee in baseball, but they didn't number the cards like Marquee because they were rediculusly high numbered for a product at that price point.
(01-31-2012, 10:18 PM)jaybyrdtribe18 Wrote: [ -> ]Plz check me for all the browns autos...I have a Hamilton you might like
I didn't see any?
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