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Full Version: Where to buy my 3 boxes SP AUTHENTIC for contest NOT DACARDWORLD!!
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I've been planning on ordering them from Blowout where I get EVERY box I ever buy, including the other 9 boxes in this contest, & every time I write about them the manager or w/e keeps telling me they're just sold out but they'll get more any time and he'll give me a big discount so just to wait. I knew that couldn't be true the whole time bc how in the world can you sale out of a product over 3 wks befpre it comes out? So I asked him if I could just deposit $400 into their account (well over the cost of 3 boxes of SP on ANY other card-selling website) to get 3 boxes shipped the day they came out, to which he just beat around the bush even more. I found out last night that bc of the lawsuit filed from Blowout against UD a while back that they're not a licensed seller of UD & can't even get any boxes/cases direct to sale, so they have to buy from other stores I guess pretend like to customers they were just late getting their shipment.

So, I want to know where a good place to order them from is out of the websites that actually are authorized to sale UD? I hear WWW.DACARDWORLD.COM more than any other site online besides BLOWOUT when it comes to ordering any product but I just don't see trusting that website to buy ANYTHING other than cases. You can see on their front page that they do something I consider the #1 "DO NOT EVER DO" if you're selling boxes, they actually buy back unopened boxes from customer to sale. This is an obvious pitfall that BLOWOUT doesn't do for a reason. Why would anyone even consider buying a product like Allen & Ginter for instance when you KNOW 95% of their boxes are going to be boxes left over from a case that the customer already hit the "CASE-HIT" RIP CARD from & sold the left over boxes. BLOWOUT doesn't buy back single boxes for this reason & it definitely shows as I hit a RIP CARD 3/4 boxes of 2008 Allen & Ginter that I bought from them. It's not only Allen & Ginter either as Limited, SP Authentic, Contenders, Precision & about every other one have "CASE-HITS" & b/c of this reason I will NEVER buy from them. I've emailed the site before too asking if they just werent thinking about that or what as no knowledgable collector would buy from a system like that and just got a reply that of course they realized that but it was extremely more profitable to do it anyway (b/c obviously customers know they're not going to get as much money off of a fairly "DEAD BOX" so they're willing to sale it for less & DACARDWORLD makes a lot more money. So what is a good trusted site that DOESN'T BUY BACK SINGLE BOXES to buy my SP Authentic from?
Cardsinfinity usually has the same prices as both of them
Was just gonna say, do cardsinfinity, Chris is the man! an awesome site...Tracy is a great guy#, always pull unbelievable stuff from his boxes
i just bought 3 boxes from cardsinfinity
Well, if you don't want to use Dave & Adams.....I just can't help you....I do 99.98% of my business from them, and have never had a reason to question them.
(01-31-2012, 10:47 PM)cybertrenz02 Wrote: [ -> ] an awesome site...Tracy is a great guy#, always pull unbelievable stuff from his boxes
Have purchased items from Bgtsportscards both off of e-bay and the web site.. Best prices I have foud so far.. Also very quick delivery...
i pro ordered two boxes from dave and adams if its a preorder how can they have been returned (for this product anyway i could see not ordering something from them thats been out for awhile because of there return policy)
I always buy from DAC and have had case hits. I understand being concerned about buying older product that has been repurchased. No one that sells repurchased product can claim it will have case hits.
I trust DAC pulls newer product from fresh cases as advertised.
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