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Full Version: 2004 SP Authentic 1 Box Break
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24 packs, 5 cards/pack off Amazon

Full base set
Maurice Mann WR Bengals RC 329/1199
Dexter Reid S Patriots RC 1015/1199
Craig Kenzel Auto QB Bears RC 75/990
Roy Williams SOTT Auto WR Lions (now Bears)

and the nojo:
PK Sam Scripts for Success Auto Redemption (exp 2007) Smile

I have 3 more boxes from another seller. I am really hoping to get an Eli Manning Patch RC Auto. They don't sell Eli Manning Patch RC Auto on Amazon, so I had to use all of my amazon on the next best things, boxes! I'm contemplating selling off the boxes on eBay and trying to grab the single if prices ever drop again.

[Image: vkkWd.jpg]
open them!
Open them....
Box 2:
Base set
Brian Jones RC TE Jaguars 921/1199
Igor Olshanksky RC DT Chargers 35/1199
Josh McCown SOTT Auto

And the nojo:
Will Smith *Getting Jiggy with it* Auto RC Redemption /990
and the the guy haunting my 7 year old breaks PK Sam Scrips for Success Auto Redemption

[Image: sZA6u.jpg]
nice Igor.
is it FT?

oh nevermind i though it was an auto
Should have sold the boxes haha

Box 3:
Joey Thomas RC CB Packers 253/1199
Kendrick Starling RC WR Texans 460/1199
Ben Hartsock RC Auto TE Colts 729/990
Joe Horn Scripts for Success WR Saints
Tatum Bell Event-Used Jersey Authentic Artifacts Broncos 50/75

Jarrett Payton RC RB Titans 936/1199
Shaun Phillips RC LB Chargers 325/1199
BJ Symons RC Auto Texans 31/990
Derrick Marson Scripts for Success Auto WR Titans
Derrick Hamilton 4 Color Patch RC Auto 276/799

Very rough break, would have felt harsher had I used actual money (although I did have to pay roughly $90 in customs fees d'oh). Luckily I saved up enough monthly amazon gift codes. Hopefully have enough to buy 3-4 boxes of Contenders in Mid February Smile