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Full Version: CONTEST 1st 10 COME 1st SERVE
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So I started this SUPERCOLLECTOR & got over 30 ppl n it & I'm feelin kinda bad cuz here I am 5 boxes deep & only 1 person hit there player. So I'ma do a lil contest/giveaway here. Here's the deal, first 10 ppl to respond w their fav team they collect I'll send ya some cards. Not sure yet what it'll be, no guarantee it'll be a huge prize but it'll prob b somethin like a lot of cheaper GU/AU/RCs or maybe 1 pretty good more expensive card. I'm not gonna o any serious investigation to make sure u really collect that team & aren't just tryn get free cards but please do me a favor & don't just go checking my bucket for the best cards ur hopin to get. Just a couple rules:
1 person per team, 1st come 1st serve
NO Giants unfortunately as they've been my team for like 15 yrs

I was gonna do all 32 teams & might still eventually but it'd guy get a lil too expensive for me as each package is gonna cost me $4-$6 w/ shipping & packaging supplies.

Packers. Really awesome idea, man.
Vikings, tahnks!
49ers for my son
and thank you
Sorry if anybody gets upset but I'ma go ahead & add phi zeal n there for Dolphins as he's been really accommodating tryn work somethin out w me for his Cobb & newton
Put me in for the Skins Thank You
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