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How do u get pictures on here the only pics I have are on my desktop and i do not know how to scan them in.
You have to create a photobucket account and post the link code.
You can take them from any site and place "[*img] website URL [*/img]" without the stars. I post threads with pictures from photbucket and facebook all the time.
Figured it out I used my Front page program
It won't work unless they are hosted online on their own page so you can link directly to that file.
yeah I give up i just noticed
Your best bet is to sign up for a free Photobucket account as Nick said and they create the code for you. Its just a matter of copy and pasting.
Cool Ill do that. Thank u for the tip.
(01-29-2012, 10:19 PM)globalizedcards Wrote: [ -> ]Cool Ill do that. Thank u for the tip.
Once you are set up in Photobucket in your account, click on upload, it should take you directly to where you have the picture stored on your computer. Click on the picture you want and ok, photobucket will upload it for you. Then click on my albums in Photobucket and drag over the picture you want to copy to Beckett, it will bring up a box and you click on the very top box and then go down and click on the IMG option and it will copy it and say copied. Then you come back to Beckett and inside your topic you right click and click paste. It will show up with a long address on photobucket and then the picture will come automatically.
And, with Photobucket, you can make various files for all your different cards. i.e. trade, keepers, autographs, etc.
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