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Full Version: Semi New Guy
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Hey guys,

I haven't collected cards in a couple of years but I am getting back in to the groove. I was in a local shop the other day and came across a 2010 Blake Griffin patch auto for $100. It is graded 9 by beckett. Is this a fair price for this card?

Thanks guys!
It all depends on which auto it is. My best advice is to check ebay...Search for completed listings of Blake Griffin Auto or something. See if you can see the same card or something similar.
Think it's an good deal if it's a RC. which brand or insert is it? I remember pulling a couple Blakes & BV was very low. Now, they are 4X the value what it used to be when they first were listed. Happy I didn't sale them.

I am not a huge fan of graded cards. As long as the card has straight corners & no scratches, I'd be happy with a BGS 9 grade.
It's his 2010 Panini Threads letter patch auto
If it's the one similar to what I have for Dajuan Summers, then I personally think $100 is right about the right price for it already being graded a 9. If it was ungraded, I'd say $50-$75.