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Full Version: 1997-98 E-X2001 Gravity Denied #1 Vin Baker ERROR
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Thought I'd share a picture of this card I have had for a while. It only books for $3.00, but it has an interesting error on it. On these 'Gravity Denied' cards, the card is in two pieces...the top piece is a clear plastic cover with a picture of the player printed on it. This top piece rotates so that you can see the rest of the card underneath. MY CARD, however, has a picture of Vin Baker printed on the front of the clear plastic piece (as it should be), but has a picture of Shaq printed on the back of the clear piece, which I'm pretty sure is an error. Does this add any sort of value to the card?

[Image: xMUSh.jpg]

[Image: Ch5EX.jpg]

That is really weird. I had to dig out the couple that I have just to check mine. It doesnt look like their should be any picture on the backside of these. You my friend have a very interesting error card, looks like they werent sure whose card it was supposed to be Smile
Thanks for verifying. Too bad it wasn't Vin Baker printed on a Shaq card instead.