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Full Version: last of my basketball looking for baseball scans
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This is pretty much the last of my basketball. Looking for Baseball. I will consider all trades but it would be nice if somebody had something in my wants in my org
[Image: DSCN1346.jpg]
check my org and see if there is anything of interest...thanks!
Feel free to check me for the lot.
I don't have any baseball listed yet, nor do I have anything listed in your wants list but they all looked to be Mariners stuff. I do have an Ackley Finest Red Refractor Auto. PM me if interested and maybe we can work something out.
pm sent
I have this 1945-46 Caramelo Deportivo #29 Roberto Estalella. It is a vintage Cuban issue card that Beckett doesn't list in their database. I listed #30 in the set when I put it in my organize. It is the only thing I have left of some vintage basball I just moved.

[Image: Image.jpg]

Estalella is considered the first black Major League Player, even before Jackie Robinson by some baseball historians. (you can google needed references) He is also related to the recent Bobby Estalella MLB player.The card has been a good conversation piece. The Superman card below came from a baseball set and I can add it to the Cuban card for the Wade.....???

[Image: superman.jpg]

You can check my photbucket for Michael Jordan as well. LMK, thanks.

P.S. If you need to see scans of the back of the Cuban issue, I can do.