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Full Version: Ottawa All-Star-Game Hits
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Here is what i consider the big 3. If you want a picture of something else i mentioned above just ask.

[Image: BigThreeAllStarGame.jpg]

The All-Star Game Hopkins is 2 of 5

The pinnacle hopkins has a dinged corner (top right) which i'll be contacting Pannini about...not looking forward to losing the card for however long it takes to get it replaced

Does anyone know how i can contact Panini? I went on their website and i can't find cards above card number 250 in either the regular set or the rink collection set so i can't submit my damaged card request.
would love to trade for one of each of the RNH that you have multiples of if you want to move them LMK , who knows i might have a few duplicate hopkin's that you dont have too!
rczubaty: Possibly....what do you have doubles of in terms of RNH?

I was finally able to find the was under a different subset on their site.

Before i send the card back to them however i will attempt to call them as i'm worried...the instructions say to include a receipt and wrapper...i have neither because well i had to throw the wrappers out and the merchants did not provide receipts at the fan fest
Here are pictures of the front and back of the Zach Kassian 1/1 Sketch card that will be up for trade:

[Image: ZachKassian1of1Front.jpg]

[Image: ZachKassian1of1Back.jpg]
sweet Kassian a pm been sent
Keep me in mind for the Canucks you got, especially the Burrows Auto, I don't think I have anything you might need but have a look and I will see what I can get for trade if they are for trade
I was recently asked to show scans of this picture so here you go:

[Image: JoeFront.jpg]
[Image: JoeBack.jpg]

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