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Full Version: 2 Gamers!!!! and some more TTM!!!
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Well todays mail yielded some more TTM Autos. Todays was from:

Tough guy - Arron Asham (14 day Turnaround!! AWESOME!)
- both 8x10s auto'd & personalized!! -

[Image: 01_27_120003.jpg]
[Image: 01_27_120005.jpg]

Then a Letestu PC card (wish theyd get to him being in a CBJ jersey so I could officially end my PC of is Killing me!)

[Image: 01_27_120002.jpg]

and finally the gamers!!!!
Well at least a couple of pieces of them! THE TAG PIECES!!!
. I was sweating the auction of this card, especially with all the Staal collectors out there!

10-11 Dominion Tag Team #11 Jordan Staal/Max Talbot 1/8

[Image: 01_27_120001.jpg]

(The Talbot Tag is from the Winter Classic Jersey)

Talbot/Staal (1/8)
I know have the Dominion Talbot Tag Rainbow!
[Image: 01_27_120001.jpg]
Fleury/Talbot (5/7)
[Image: PLATES0016.jpg]
Fleury/Talbot (1/1)
[Image: HUGEPENS0001.jpg]

THANKS for the look!
Sick tags!!!!!
INSANE! The 8x10s are fantastic, but those TAGS! Wow! Congrats on the stunning pick-ups, Hugh!

WOW...those are some amazing pickups. I am really impressed with the 14 day turn around on the Asham.
wow congrats
I bow to the one they call HUGH!!!
SUPER SWEET!!!! I thought about throwing a bid in on the Staal/Talbot but saw you were bidding on it. It belongs in your PC. Also cool TTMs of Asham. Congrats!!!
Very nice pickups!
Simply Outstanding.