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Full Version: Nice mail day: 1/1 and a short print #/29
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Another day another Ron Hextall card. But today it is a 1/1 Printing Plate...YES! Also, a very nice Pelle Lindbergh short print #/29 Game Used Jersey from ITG. Man, I really like the ITG stuff. And lastly, one more Lindbergh card for the expanding collection.

2005-06 Upper Deck the Cup Printing Plate – Magenta 1/1
[Image: 2005-06UpperDecktheCupPrintingPlateMagenta1-1.jpg]

2010-11 In The Game Decades 80s Between The Pipes Game Used Jersey – Black 1 of 29
[Image: 2010-11InTheGameDecades80sBetweenThePipe...k1of29.jpg]

2010-11 In The Game Heroes and Prospects AHL 75 Anniversary
[Image: 2010-11InTheGameHeroesandProspectsAHL75Anniversary.jpg]
Very nice adds to the PC! Congrats!

very nice! congrats
Nice plate
Nice pick-ups. Hextell plate is a great find and you can't go wrong with Pelle cards.