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Full Version: Looking 2 trade basketball for football
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Hey everyone I'm in the process of adding all my basketball so I can get rid of them. Looking for any football,baseball.preferbbly 49ers,reds and star rookies. But I also would like 2 have some basketball rookies of some players 90s bulls players. Just so everyone knows I only have base,parallel,and inserts 2 trade. But that's all I expect In return. Thanks and let me know
hey yall i would love 2 get a trade or 2 done i know there isnt much added rite now but let me know of any 90s basketball players that you like and ill see about getting them added first. Thats pretty much all i have 2 offer in basketball. Thanks and please lmk.
Might be a little bit of a reach, but I have a Laurence Maroney Topps RC, 1975 Topps Ken Stabler, and 1979 Topps Joe Theismann if you are interested.