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Full Version: More Lindbergh, Bobrovsky and HEXTALL (of course)
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The Pelle Lindbergh binge I have been on lately continues. Only two cards yesterday, but today five cards. What a great mail day. And just for fun, I have included one oddball Ron Hextall card. I have no idea how or where I got it, but it proves I will collect just about anything with Hextall's mug on it. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I just hope the postal systems cooperate. For your viewing pleasure:

2010-11 In The Game Between The Pipes Full Gear – Silver # of 29 (I love the hole in the glove)
[Image: 2010-11InTheGameBetweenThePipesFullGearSilverof29.jpg]

2009-10 In The Game Between The Pipes Stick Save – Black # of 20
[Image: 2009-10InTheGameBetweenThePipesStickSaveBlackof20.jpg]

2010-11 In The Game Decades 80s Memorable Masks
[Image: 2010-11InTheGameDecades80sMemorableMasks.jpg]

2009-10 ITG BTP International Crease – Black 1 of 60
[Image: 2009-10InTheGameBetweenThePipesInternati...k1of60.jpg]

2006-07 In The Game Between The Pipes He Shoots – He Saves 14/20
[Image: 2006-07InTheGameBetweenThePipesHeShootsHeSaves14-20.jpg]

2011-12 Panini Certified Fabrics of the Game Claim to Fame 1/25
[Image: 2011-12PaniniCertifiedFabricsoftheGameCl...me1-25.jpg]

1991 Topps “Proof” Card (Really, I don't know why)
[Image: 1991ToppsProofCard.jpg]

2011-12 Upper Deck Series One Checklist- Canvas (Sean Couturier) [Why am I getting non-goalies? Oh well, a few young promising players can't hurt]
[Image: 2011-12UpperDeckSeriesOneChecklist-Canva...turier.jpg]

Comments are always welcome.
Some great stuff! That Full Gear is awesome! Congrats!

great pick ups

here is my Pelle I pulled this past year
[Image: um82-1-2.jpg]

[Image: test3-1.jpg]
the BTP International crease is the first set I finish after my break from collecting

the full gear is amazing