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Full Version: New stuff added to org. Looking for trades !
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I have a lot of new stuff added to my org. And am looking for trades ! There is a lot more new stuff than is shown in the scans. The finest Castro is a refractor and the auto is numbered 484/740 ! I will be picky about what I trade for that card. I am only looking for a nice Yankees auto or would prefer a nimmo auto or PayPal on it. The rest I'm open on. Please just send offers, as. I am still in Denver at the motel and Internet can be spotty. I also can not ship out any trades until Monday so please keep that in mind. Thanks for looking

[Image: 72aee28d.jpg]

[Image: c208db30.jpg]

[Image: 177ed139.jpg]

[Image: a134a84d.jpg]

Hey jake is that Harper a refractor?
check me for both castros
(01-25-2012, 10:26 PM)yankees_pride Wrote: [ -> ]Hey jake is that Harper a refractor?
Nope, I wish ! Lol..