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Full Version: 10-11 The Cup Question
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Okay so earlier in the week I called my Lcs and asked if they had 10-11 The Cup still in stock because I bought a tin two weekends ago. I called back tonight to ask if the owner was gonna open the new case or not. So I got his wife or whatever on the phone and she said that he bought a single box from another dealer or shop, but here's the thing she said the box's corner got crushed but the tin is fine. She said they told her it happened in the delivery truck. So she told me I can buy that one for 450. The only way the owner will open the new case, and that what I perfer is if I buy two box's at 500 a pop. I really wanta get a box of Cup this weekend or I would just order one from Blowout Cards for 400 a tin. I was just checking what you guys thought about this crushed corner and if you guys ever ran into something like this?? The people at the shop seem very nice and I enjoyed opening cards there two weekends ago, so I guess I wanta trust what they say. Another side of me wants to think maybe another retailer sold this tim to them knowing they already got the case hit out of another tin they opened and this damaged box is just a left over they just sold to get rid of it. I really want a good chance a pulling a nice numbered rookie patch so i thought Id just ask you guys what your thoughts were on my situation and what you guys would do? Thanks for you time Jon Oh yeah she said she could put her finger in the hole on the corner of the box, this just scares me because I know how well they package these things from the factory. Anyway, feedback is much appreciated thanks guys Smile
Im not an expert at this kind of thing, but i can tell you this,:

If your going to go out and spend potentially $450 on a box of cards, if it were me, i dont care if theres just the smallest dent, im going to go find a box in good condition, like you said, if you happen to pull a taylor hall rc auto patch, and its got a crushed corner and damaged, i would be pretty ticked off, so, go get a box from blowout cards or dacardworld (I prefer dacardworld) and it will probably be cheaper and both websites insure the box won't be damaged and if not i think you can send it back. Even if the people that own the shop are super nice and trustworthy, they could've bought the box not knowing that the cards would be damaged inside.

Hope that helps!

I think, better yet I know your right. I can get a box shipped pretty fast too by getting better shipping. If i got any of the new rookies I would be destroyed. Maybe, Ill order one and just grab some Limited packs this weekend to hold me over. I just have been waiting but Im better off waiting for the best product. Deep down I was telling myself this, I guess I just needed to hear it from someone else haha. Hey I see you collect Luke Adam? I just pulled a rookie of his numbered to 999. Its from contenders but still a sweet card. Thanks again man, Im gonna try calling blowout od dacardworld tomorrow. I wonder if there's anyway I can order it tomorrow and get it friday. I did get two day air on Dominion before and get it here in two days.
I would avoid it unless it is a price cheap!!!

good luck in whatever you do for a box