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Full Version: OK, I Give Up.... Help Identify 1968 NFL Auto's
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I posted this in general Football but it might be more appropriate here in Vintage...

Help. I have these NFL autos but, for the life of me, I cannot figure out WHAT they are. Google? No help.

The players are:
Willie Wood - Packers
Don Perkins - Cowboys
Wayne Walker - Lion's
Dave Osborn - Vikings

Here's some clues.
- Signed in 1968
- Framed, 7.5" x 10.5" overall dimensions.
- NFL teams (not AFL)
- Real Kodak photographs (these were probably expensive to make)
- Limited production, with COA.
- Two player signatures. (On front, and COA on back).

I tried Google search terms like:
- 1968 NFL autograph picture / photo
- "Certification Of Genuineness" NFL
- Vintage Framed NFL Photo Autograph

No luck.

I have a few thoughts which may, or may not be accurate.
- Too limited to be a Season Ticket Holder perk.
- Multiple teams would indicate NFL 'front office' origin.
- The earliest examples of Certified Memorabilia/autos I'm aware of.

Here's the pics. Any thoughts are appreciated. If anyone can confirm that one of these photos was also used on a particular card, or a Team Issue Photograph, it would go a long way torward identifying them. Thanks, Beckett.

[Image: 003-29.jpg]

[Image: 005-29.jpg]

[Image: 012-12.jpg]

[Image: 010-19.jpg]