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Full Version: anyone else here collect schedules?
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Wondering if there was anyone else here that collects sports schedules?

I got bored with cards a few years ago and started collecting hockey schedules. Its been a lot of fun, meeting others that have the same interest and better yet, trading with others that are not worried about any values on the schedules.

A few of my favorite ones so far -

[Image: 196869.jpg]

[Image: cleveland.jpg]

[Image: 7879capitals.jpg]

[Image: muskegon.jpg]

I would be interested in older schedules if anyone has anything I need too.
This is actually pretty neat. In the past I've seen folks at the Seattle Thunderbirds (WHL) season openers grab a bunch of schedules and I always wondered why in the hell they needed so many but now I may know why. I can see this becoming a pretty cool collection. Thanks for sharing.
Very cool Red Wings schedule.
I was thinking of having a collection of NY Islanders schedules, being 15 minutes away from Nassau Coliseum, but I figured, why bother since you pretty much know every game will result in a loss.

500th post for me!!!
When I was a kid, I collected schedules of the North Stars, as well as the Twins and Vikings. I have no idea where they are though. By the way, that Red Wings schedule is sweet!
That Caps schedule is sweet! I wish I had something for it!
pretty sweet schedules!!

here is some of mind that I have scanned
[Image: hrt-2.jpg]
[Image: hrt-3.jpg]
[Image: hrt-4.jpg]

the Muskegon is great!!!