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Full Version: New pick ups and a Limited break
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Hey Everyone!

Got some recent trades and ebay pick ups in as well as a box of limited and a sweet LCS pick up.

[Image: 01-25-122.jpg]

Mike Green Jersey (I have one so this is FT)
Troy Brouwer Prime Fotg /10! (Thanks to Mjmj1966 for the trade!)
Kris Letang Jersey (Thanks to a trade from Bobe303) FT
Mike Green Dual Jersey (Ebay)
Michal Neuvirth Auto /50 (LCS)
Tomas Tatar RC Jersey (Bobe303 again!) FT
Michal Neuvirth Mirror Gold Prime Jersey /25 (Ebay)

Now the Limited break:

[Image: 01-25-121.jpg]

Marian Hossa Jersey /99
Curtis Glencross Base /299
Evgeni Malkin Base /299
Robin Lehner Crease Cleaners /199
Ryan Kesler Banner Season /299
Jake Gardiner Manufactured Patch Auto /299
Pavel Datsyuk Prime Jersey /25

Not a terrible break. But the Datsyuk has a weird mark on the bottom right of it. I don't want to send it to Panini bc they still owe me a replacement auto for my Zac Dalpe. It sure sucks to get an awesome card and player and have it a little messed up. Oh well. All are FT but the Caps. The Green SPx is FT. Thanks for the look and as always, comments welcome!
Can I get the Datsyuk? I only have football for trade, but I Have a mendenhall /99 insert from 2011, as you collect steelers, and then a few other GU.
That Datsyuk is amazing.
Some very nice stuff there, Ash! Thos Neuvy cards are sweet! I have just acquired a few more cards that I think (hope) you will be interested in. They will be posted in a thread soon!

ill take the flawed datsyuk off your hands sir.
Could use the Letang and Malkin, lmk Wink
nice hits on your break and nice pc pick ups
Did you already trade the Letang and the Malkin?
No sir, what Caps do you have?

(01-26-2012, 01:05 PM)tha penguin Wrote: [ -> ]Did you already trade the Letang and the Malkin?
Nice stuff