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Full Version: Panini Prestige 2009 - Factory Damage Exchange
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So I purchased a rack pack from Walmart today and to my surprise, there was a Deron Williams Prestigious Pros Materials Green numbered 47/100. One of the best retail hits I've had. Problem is, there is a large crease around the swatch and the jersey material itself has a tear running down the middle of it. So I logged onto my Panini account in an attempt to request an exchange but realized this set is no longer available on there because it's from 2009. I'm wondering if there is anything I can do about it, so if anyone could provide some advice I'd highly appreciate it. Thanks!
have you tried calling them?
(01-25-2012, 04:55 AM)folkertino Wrote: [ -> ]have you tried calling them?
Will try that tomorrow. Thanks.