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Full Version: Question on autos I want to get graded
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I see alot of graded autograph cards with a card grade and a autograph grade. I have some autograph cards that I am going to send to beckett to be graded when I get home from work. I see on the grading tab that there is a JSA/BGS service for authenticating autographs. The cards I am sending already state on the back that it is authentic autograph. My question is this if I send them just to the BGS sevice will the card come back with a autograph grade or do I need to send them through the JSA service?

Thanks for the help.
When you send your cards for grading you have the option of getting the auto graded also. I believe it's an extra 2 for each card for autographs to be graded.
BGS grades only certified autographed cards. UD and Panini don't have many issues, but there are plenty of Topps and Fleer cards that must be submitted to JSA before they can be slabbed through BGS.

They don't have a list because they love to charge you and send it back. (BGS won't charge the grading fee, but shipping and insurance you won't get back)

Most sticker autos won't be returned unslabbed but the older Fleer autos and things like the recent Rookie Photoshoot cards they will send back because the certification statement on the back is not deemed good enough. The older Fleer autos have been faked enough and the same for the Photoshoot cards because there were some blanks released by Topps on accident.
JSA usually authenticates autos that people have signed themselves... You shouldn't have any issues with pack issued autos, just have to pay the extra $2 on top of your grading fee to have your auto graded.Hope that helps, good luck!
I had to verify with BGS that they'd take my 1997-98 SkyBox Autographics #34 Joe Dumars because there is no COA with it really. It's stamped and it's a set that only has AU (no non-AU version that I know of) and they told me they normally have no problems with those. I hope this is the case for me. Let me get the email and I'll post it for you so you can ask them. You may also want to post this question (if you haven't already) in the grading forum as there are people in there that grade a lot.
Thanks everyone for the help.