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Full Version: 2011 bowman chrome bryce harper auto
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Pulled this out of a value box. Let me tell you if you have not scooped those up yet make sure you do. Unless your in Washington State LOL. bout 34 Boxes and pulled 5 autos, 1 gold ref prince fielder, 1 orange Matt Holliday, 1 diamond duos dual relic huge odds, two stitches and about 60 giveaway cards. If anybody is interested in those other cards let me know and I will add to org and post pics. anyways Only Looking to trade for a Ackley, Griffey or Ichiro of similiar value.[Image: DSCN1259.jpg][Image: DSCN1260.jpg]
I'm interested, but don't have an Ackley, Griffey or Ichiro of similar value. Have a Griffey that would get us part way there though...
I don't have anything listed for trade, but I've got pretty much any Ackley you can think of. Are there any you've been looking for in particular? I've also got a bunch of Griffey game used cards as well. Shoot me a PM if you have a want list.
PM Sent
Let me know if you decide to sell, i would be interested.
PM Sent
Is this still available?
Your PM Quota is filled so I couldn't send my last PM to you. I've got the Regular, Refractor, Gold & Black Autos of Ackley from this years Sterling. Check my Org to for some of the low #'d cards. Thx.
thanks yeah just cleared some room
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