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Full Version: Are sets that popular anymore. I have some to trade
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I have sets from 1998 and hate to pull out the Moss/Manning Rcs to break the sets up, but are they as popular anymore? Is there anyone out there that are interested in any of them (trading). LMK in a PM and we can go from there. Thanks
Not nearly as popular as they once were. Back in the day when there were only 3-4 sets out there they were, but now with so many sets out there nobody really collects them. Although people still do sub sets.
You got the Topps Gold Label or Finest sets?
(01-22-2012, 04:36 PM)jplarson Wrote: [ -> ]You got the Topps Gold Label or Finest sets?
Actually I believe. I have both. Pm me and I will check. Thanks