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Full Version: My MOT needs for yours!
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Here are my needs. Let me know what you need. I have a lot to list. Let me know and I will list them.

Posters-TUF13, UFC62, UFCVS4

Elite Skills- AP, CV, DM, FM, JA, JF, JJ, LM, ND, PB, RP, UF, VB, YO

Showdown Shots-AK, AL, BA, BR, CF, FM,GP,HJ, JB, LV, MN, MV, NB, OB, SD, SG, SK (GSP vs Koscheck), ST

Collision Course-ES*, GR, HS, LC*, LM, SS


I just pulled a 1/8 #182 Mackens Semerzier Red if anyone wants? I listed it
updated 1/23