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Full Version: Two days of my mailbox being stuffed with bubble mailers = SNOW & TELL!
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Made a lot of nice trades and pickups over the last few weeks, half of which came in yesterday and today, so I figured a show and tell would be nice.

First up, I'll post the cards that will be available for trade.

A nice pair of Steve Yzerman game jerseys, 01-02 UD Ice First Rounders and 05-06 Upper Deck...

[Image: 01-02UDIceFirstRoundersJersey-SteveYzerman.jpg]

[Image: 05-06UpperDeckGameJerseys-SteveYzerman.jpg]

11-12 Artifacts Horizontal Jersey and Patch Emerald - Patrick Kane

[Image: 11-12ArtifactsHorizontalJerseyandPatchEm...ckKane.jpg]

and a nice 11-12 Tundra Tandems Blue dual game jersey card with The Great One and Joe Sakic

[Image: 11-12ArtifactsTundraTandemsBlue-GretzkyandSakic.jpg]

Not a bad haul of traders, but it's on to the PC stuff!

First up, five autographs added to the all-time greats PC!

Chris Chelios
[Image: 97-98BeAPlayerAutograph-ChrisChelios.jpg]

Marian Gaborik
[Image: 06-07TrilogyScripts-MarianGaborik.jpg]

Paul Kariya
[Image: 96-97BeAPlayerLink2HistoryAutograph-PaulKariya.jpg]

Eric Lindros
[Image: 11-12CertifiedGoldSignatures-EricLindros.jpg]

And Patrick Roy!
[Image: 11-12ArtifactsBlack-PatrickRoyAutograph.jpg]
It's been a pretty slow couple weeks for Neely and Bruins pickups, sadly, but I have added a couple of nice pieces to my Alex Ovechkin PC, so here are the last five cards from this week's mail post...

[Image: 07-08UpperDeckGameJerseys-AlexOvechkin.jpg]

[Image: 09-10TrilogyHonorarySwatches-AlexOvechkin.jpg]

[Image: 11-12BlackDiamondDualJerseys-AlexOvechkin.jpg]

[Image: 10-11DominionAutographsRuby-AlexOvechkin.jpg]

[Image: 10-11LimitedJumboMaterialsJerseyNumbersS...echkin.jpg]

Thanks for looking, and I hope everyone is able to make it around in the snow!!!
No snow problems down here in FL! Great haul, some very nice Ovy's for your PC. Congrats.
Great additions. Jealous on the Ovi pick ups. Still trying to get an auto for the right price.
Nice pick ups!!!! Just got this in the other day. Do you need it for your All-Time Greats project?

[Image: 2003-04UDPremierCollectionSignaturesMikeBossy.jpg]
Nice Ovi's!!!
Awesome stuff, Chris! Glad to see that the Ovie made it to you safe and sound! In my opinion, though, EVERYTHING in this thread takes a back seat to that Roy! It was great when you showed it to us earlier, but knowing that you now have it... CONGRATS!!!

Thanks everyone! Brian, that's a killer Bossy auto, for sure! Don't need it though, as I've already got a Bossy auto in the PC...

[Image: 1998-99UpperDeckRetroINKredible-MikeBossy.jpg]
Ok no problems. Just thought I'd check.
Sweet Roy card that you got for a great price.
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