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Full Version: Michael Jordan 90's inserts for trade
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I just listed several 90's and 2000's jordan inserts available in my org. All should be marked available for trade too. Feel free to send offers or pm me if interested in anything.
Just sent you an offer! Feel free to take out/add anything on either end, I just threw some stuff in on my end that it sounded as if you might be interested in.

Also, I have a couple of MJs coming in in the next few days (93-94 Fleer Sharpshooters, 93-94 Ultra All-NBA) that I would be willing to trade as well since it will give me two of each. LMK what you'd be interested in, especially if it's either of those two Jordans as I can add them to trade in my org even though they aren't here yet!
I've replied to trade offers that have been sent. Anyone else interested today?
open offer sent, may be willing to dip into my tyreke pc for the higher end mj's.
Open offer sent..
I've responded to everyone so far I believe. Anybody else?
check me for the finest and masterpeice.