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Full Version: 2011-12 Preferred and Hoops: Should I, or no?
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I can pre-order (released on 2/27/2012) a box for $200. If the pre-order price goes down, as I suspect it MIGHT, I'm refunded the difference. I want to start buying hobby and staying away from retail and I thought Preferred may be a nice way to get into it. The box has three on card (I think they're all on card) autographs and one six to eight piece GU booklet. I'm not looking to turn money, but if I don't get anything I can use, at least I have AU and GU to trade rather than some base or low end insert. I have never spent more than $70 on a box of cards, so I'm hoping it could be very worth it. But with that $200, I could also get 3 or 4 boxes of other product and get more cards and more hits. But no six to eight piece GU booklet. :|

Also, the pre-order (released on 3/14/2012) for Hoops is pretty cheap and I was thinking about getting that as well, but might wait a little longer if I end up getting the Preferred box. I'm going to be collecting the Hoops set, so this one is almost a given.

My main question is should I actually wait for a week or two after they're released, seeing if they "tank" and prices go down some, or just run with it. I really shouldn't buy either of these boxes (Hoops is more realistic really) because I'm trying to save up for some personal matters, but I'm itching to bust, especially hobby. Any advice? Smile Thanks everyone.
On the Preffered Hobby Box, I'd recommend to wait and see if they "tank" and prices go down some. Its because of the high risk and high reward side of this high-end product. On the Hoops Hobby Box, I'd recommend buying them on the pre-order status. Its because you like building sets.

It doesn't really matter if you get high-end base or low-end base from these products. You buy what you want and you should always go with the product that will give you more fun, rather than worrying about what you will get or expecting too much on what you will get from the boxes.

Anyways, I'm happier that you'll stick more on the hobby side than the retail side of packs and boxes.
Id wait on all of them. I like to see what others get before I purchase a box of a new product. Sometimes I get excited about a product pre release just to find out it really isn't as great as it sounded. Also, I like to see what resale is on the bay. This lets me know a little about the interest of cards. I remember buying a ton of hoops in 89, then the cardboard fallout happened.....
I wouldn't get a box of preferred, especially since all the cards you'd use for you pc could be had rather cheaply, you'd get a lot more trade bait getting a couple of older boxes. As for hoops I'd definitely get a box.
I must be the only one that thinks the price on preferred will go up. I don't think it will because of it being a great product or anything like that, but with so few basketball products to release this year, and such a long wait since the last product, I think people will go rip crazy for those very reasons. You see it in baseball the last couple years with Topps being the only game in town. Nearly every Topps baseball product has went up after the release date with only a few exceptions, and its not because of they're being tremendous value inside. When several people want to rip boxes, and no other competion out there, its bound to go up. It's supply and demand. I see no chance of it tanking for those reasons, then you add in the fact that several of the rookies have been playing pretty well and no other cards out there. It's gonna stay at the current price or go up, no way it drops in my opinion.
Thanks for the responses guys, but that still leaves me in limbo because all of those are good points. Smile buckunteer informed me that one of my favorite products is discounted right now and I could easily get that as compared to Preferred (it's only $115) and there's 12 hits in there. But at the same time, I've already almost completed that set (only really need the rookies) and the main rookie that year doesn't have an Autograph in there.

And being a Pistons collector, libs had a great point. I could take that $200 and buy a ton of cards I need for my Pistons PC and my sets and be "better off", but that doesn't solve the itch for busting wax. But maybe what I should do is go with Hoops right now (solves the urge of busting, gets a good portion of the set, and get two autographs for trade bait since the odds of them being Pistons isn't high), get some set fillers and Pistons PC cards, and then wait on Preferred. I just really want to own (even for a minute) a six to eight piece GU. Smile
I had a six piece and a 7 piece game used and I wasn't as impressed as I thought. Unless they are all the same team, its usually just some random players with no connection. But thats just me. I found it very easy to trade them after they sat there a while. One had a Lebron, and one had a few stars, but they just aren't the same. Kinda like autos with multiplayers and only one is a star. It brings the appeal down for me.
On the other hand, if you get a booklet card of players with a strong connection, then I think they are very nice cards to have in your collection. Here's my only booklet card:

[Image: IMG_7475.jpg]
Wow that's a really nice looking booklet! In regards to the original question of the post, I'd say wait on the Preferred. I agree it won't go down initially because basketball collectors have been itching to bust new wax; however, when the higher-end products come out it may take a bit of a dive. The Hoops will probably stay pretty consistent on pricing so that's a take-or-leave prospect, IMHO.
Yeah, from what I've seen on the promotions of Preferred is that the booklets are supposed to have some sort of connection: Team, All-Star, Rookies (from last year), Slam Dunk Competition, etc. And I'll more than likely trade it if there's no Pistons, but just to own a booklet for a moment would be cool. But I could probably look online for a booklet with a Pistons player and get that for less than 200.

Yeah, I think I'll hold off for now and just wait. I have some of those 1990's packs coming from Will and should have them within two weeks, so that will supply my itch as they're all hobby. But by the time the third product comes out, I will be buying a box, just not sure which one. Smile Thanks everyone for the helpful debate. And Will, that card is simply sick.
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