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Full Version: Another dumb question...
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So for magnet do you all size them? I tend to put the card in the holder size that when I shake it, I can't hear it move. Should it be allowed more freedom? Or is this just an arbitrary choice? Help is much appreciated.
It depends. I personally don't like for them to shake in the holder. But you also need to be careful not to pinch any edges or corners. The holders I like most are the ones that allow for a bit of free space on the corners, but keep the edges in place to the card doesn't shake.
Agreed. That's the way I try to go too. I only get the ones with the corners cut out so it doesn't mess them up. I also have found some of the older cards I have (Kobe Bowman rookie, Wade Ultimate Collection rookie) don't actually fit into the magnet cases, which I find very annoying.
Yeah, I don't like them to shake or move back and forth too much. But you definitely want the holder to close effortlessly and don't want to put consistent pressure on the card.
I used to believe that you need a little bit more clearance inside these recessed holders with diamond corners, although not to the point that you will have too much excess space that the card inside will move freely. I also used the exact pt size for the card and I used a card sleeve folded in half to be put inside if the card is still moving.

Also, I have one card that won't fit in these one-touch magnetic holders. Its the 2009 Goodwin Champions Ken Griffey Sr. autographed card. It annoyed me and irritated me so much.

But this is all in the past now. I have decided that the best protection for all of my cards is inside a card sleeve(regular, thick or super thick), top loader and team bag. I also tape the team bag's sealable flip to secure that it won't open up and another tape on top of the team bag to negate any movement of the card.

Hopefully, this post will help you decide on which card supplies you will use more often, if not all the time.