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Full Version: Kevin Garnett 1/1 Rare Card....
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Wanted to share this with you guys, I pulled this cardout of a Pack of 1999-00 UD Hardcourt over 10 years ago.

The set is Baseline Grooves Gold - all cards in the set came numbered to 1.


[Image: 403804_2904953337038_1056656151_3006257_295025250_n.jpg]

[Image: 402879_2904954817075_1056656151_3006259_...8833_n.jpg]
Can't see the attachment??? scan??

that's a cool card. sucks, they cut off Horry's head... and the chipping on the edges.. but still a cool card. thanks for sharing... that must be one of the first 1/1 cards... I never heard of 1/1 cards until 2007 when I started collecting again.. couldn't give up the addiction..
I believe it was one of the first 1/1 sets. The chipping on the edges is a pain on all cards of this set. I have other cards from the set numbered to 500'd and they show the same chipping away on the edges. No matter how carefully you opened the packs, cards came out like this.

very sick card!!
If you ever look to trade it, contact Taffster74. Smile He is a big garnett collector.
Very nice!!!
Nice card!
Well guys if anyone is interested in this card send me a PM. I am interested in selling it.