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Full Version: Basketball Collection For Trade
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Uploaded my entire racing collection for trade on here, so now I am starting on my basketball collection. Have a couple of game used cards uploaded on here and got started on my rookie cards. Will get more rookie cards on here tomorrow and will try to get my serial #'d cards on here as well. If you c anything you like or have certain players you collect, let me know and lets do some trading. Looking for a nicer Nowitzki rookie card. I have his plain topps rookie, so wouldn't take much for an upgrade. Anybody got one for trade let me know. Thanks
Sent open offer.
got some serial #'d cards uploaded. some confusion on the durant elevation rookie I guess. I will trade it, but I want a nowitzki rookie in return for that one. Hope that clears that up a little.
added more rookies and started a insert collection too. thanks for the interest shown everyone. probably take at least a month to get all cards uploaded on here so if anyone is looking for certain players maybe you guys could let me know and I can get them uploaded sooner rather than later. Have 400 or so more rookies to get uploaded before I start on the rest of the stuff.
Sent you an open offer,lmk.
got all of the rookie cards I think I have uploaded. I am going to start on individual players next, the better known players first, and then so on. Again, thanks for the interest shown, done a few trades and working on a few more, so c anything you need or like send me an offer. Let's do some trades.
anybody got a derrick rose rookie they would be willing to part with. nothing fancy. $10 range is good. I just want a rose rookie. check me out so we can make a deal.