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Full Version: BVG vs PSA???
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(05-20-2019, 02:53 PM)tangledweb Wrote: [ -> ] I only do BGS, but the price to get cards graded is scary.
I agree, it's been awhile since i've sent in an order for grading and I printed out the submission form today and was pretty surprised by the increase. It almost seems silly to send in any card that is not pretty valuable to begin with.

Well I know this is an old post and not many people are even on the forum anymore but I just had an eye opening experience with this topic.  As I mentioned, I really only collect Beckett Graded cards or cards I hope to send it to be graded.  That said, I thought I would look at various cards in my collection on ebay with the same grade but PSA and I was shocked.

If my collection with the same grades I have were all PSA graded cards it would be way more valuable than it appears to be now.   I understand that the price being asked is not necessarily what is being paid but the even if they sold for half they would be worth more.

I have no idea what it cost or what the process is for sending BVG and BGS cards into PSA to have graded and slabbed but just a couple 9.5s to 10s would probably be worth it.  I bought a couple filler cards that I didn't have already just to try out their registry I'll see about that later.

Like I said....blown away
altz11 Wrote:Coimbre 21,
You brought up a great point...the psa set registry!

This is a huge reason why psa singles go for INSANE prices, especially commons.  I'd like to see Beckett's registry grow and be dominant.  In fact, I just received an email from Beckett asking how they could make it better and I look forward to giving my opinions.  I enjoy seeing Beckett improve as I'm a BGS fan and only have my cards graded by them.
 Have had all my cards graded by BGS as well.  Recently sent in giant order but most were from the 60's. I've just resisted doing business for PSA for reasons I can't even explain LOL.
Well my collection sure has changed since I commented in this post in June. I have sold off 90% of my BGS and BVG cards and purchased over 100 PSA graded cards. I only collect Football cards and mostly HOFers. The PSA registry is great with many collection checklists to work on and allows you to build nice digital albums for you and others to view your collection if you want. I recently cracked open 20 slabs and sent the cards to PSA for grading, although timelines are long their communication is top notch unlike what I experience with Beckett. So this is really a no brainer for me and my only big regret is that I didn't start with PSA as my collection would be worth so much more.
I still collect BGS slabs for my Chipper Jones collection but have branched out to PSA a couple of years ago. Never realized how awesome their Registry was until I tried it.
crossada Wrote:I still collect BGS slabs for my Chipper Jones collection but have branched out to PSA a couple of years ago. Never realized how awesome their Registry was until I tried it.
 I sent in a bunch of Chipper Jones cards to BGS back in May so obviously I'm still waiting on them.  When I get them back I'll have to post them on here.
I would love to see what you sent in. Is it for your PC?
crossada Wrote:I would love to see what you sent in. Is it for your PC?
I'll keep my fingers crossed I get some 9.5's as I'm not a Braves fan, but as I recall i sent in the '91 Score #671 and the '02 Topps 206.  I can't recall the others.
Wow, still waiting on my BGS submission as it now is 230 days.
They either have to hire some more people or limit submissions to 2 cards per person per year LOL.
For my cards dated 1980 and older I prefer PSA over BVG since PSA is more established than BVG when it comes to vintage cards regardless of the sport over BVG as BVG is "The new kid on the block" in that regard. As for my cards dated 1981 to current I prefer BGS over PSA since BGS standards are more strict than PSA's (mainly the centering subgrade).

Here's what I like about my BGS cards:

1. Thicker and stackable slabs (less chance of the card moving compared to PSA slabs and I have only so much room to store my graded cards in).
2. The UV protection that's built into the slabs.
3. Full details of how the card got it's overall grade (sub grading equals higher grading standards with ACCURACY to go along with it with IMHO).

Here's what I don't like about my BGS cards:

1. Registry problems ( will it EVER work properly?)
2. Severe lack of communication with customers about their order.

However at the end of the day it comes down to which grading company you trust more based on your own research and the grading companies reputation among the collecting community for that collectible. For example, you REALLY wouldn't trust Beckett to grade ANY coins that you may have over a more established coin grading company like NGC since Beckett coin grading would be considered as "A new kid on the block" coin grading service while NGC is strongly considered as a world class coin grading service / company among the coin collecting community. For that reason ANY coin graded by NGC would command a much higher premium than the coin graded by Beckett even if both coins are the same coin and got the same grade due largely in part of NCG's reputation among the coin collecting community.

Anyway these are my thoughts on the subject and hopefully helps everybody understand the differences as to why collector's send their collectible to different grading companies that specialize in that category of a collectible over a "New kid on the block" grading company even though the "New kid on the block" grading company in some cases is a "Sub division" of a major grading company especially when it comes to sports cards in particular like BGS / BVG instead of just being beholdent or loyal to one particular grading company only and it's just about the only way to do your collectible (and your wallet) any justice terms of the collectible's market value should you decide to sell it.
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