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Full Version: Player Signed Letters Question. HELP!
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So, I don't understand some of these letter patches where the player signs the letter. As an example, I collect Lazar Hayward. I was looking on ebay and he has a recently listed 2010-11 SP Authentic letter patch autograph but the letter is an "O". How is this possible when he doesn't have an "O" in his last name? I actually own one of these cards and it is an autographed "I". I'm struggling with this...
Sometimes they spell out a nickname or an accomplishment he had.
They could be spelling out his team name too.
Thanks for the replies. He has no nickname I am aware of and he played at Marquette. Marquette Golden Eagles...still no "I"
There was an article on here a while back that showed a player signing the wrong piece....maybe this happened?
I think it spells out "ROOKIE"... this is just a guess since there is 1794 total cards.... 1794/299=6 different letters
also there is a "K" on eBay right now that help me with my guess
I thought SP Authentic 2010-11 and 2011-12 used college names for their "letter" patches? I know 2011-12 does. Was thinking about chasing one of the players since their card sells were a fair amount, but decided not to, after realizing the letters spelled their college name, not birth name.

Only name I can think of that Lazar Hayward's "letter patches" spell is MINNESOTA.... just a guess. Don't know how NBA team names play in UD's college cards.. Guess if they use only the state name, they are not breaking any contracts that they have or don't have..

I tried searching for the card on the OPG to see the print run, but it was not found.. Not sure if this is the card you are talking about or not...

I would guess total print-run divide by 299 = 6 different letters ???

so far, I seen (R, O, K, + the I you said you have).... I checked out ebay after posting above comment... can't figure what the letters are supposed to spell... ??

possibilities: Golden Eagles, Marquette, Lazar Hayward, Minnesota (NBA?)...
Only other college team I can find is; SUNY Fredonia
**still don't make since if it was "Fredonia" , because the college name on the card does not match that...

You could try to contact UD and ask them what it's supposed to spell....??? There is another "letter" that popped up online.. plus a few collectors have the card marked for trade on Beckett... Good luck with your chase. Should be easy since the print run is so high...

I'm still trying to find the last three letters for Jordan Farmar (SP Authentic 2008-09, Cityname - two are 1/1 and the third is /3).. also, waiting for the remaining Bynum, Luke Walton, and Joe Crawford "letters" to pop up... you might of seen the letters I have on ebay.. I been posting them once in awhile.. trying to get the other collectors that have them to throw them up for sale.. since they will not be able to collect the entire name, because of the low print runs.. sucks waiting & waiting to find them..

Wikipedia shut down their site for the next 24 hours in protest of internet censorship. That's the site I usually go to to read up on players history.. The following link is where I got Minnesota from. I am not familiar with Lazar Hayward....

(01-18-2012, 01:29 AM)MannyEsco Wrote: [ -> ]I think it spells out "ROOKIE"... this is just a guess since there is 1794 total cards.... 1794/299=6 different letters
also there is a "K" on eBay right now that help me with my guess
Didn't even think of that. took me awhile to read up on the player in questions & going back & forth from the TV to the laptop...

UD took the easy way out, if they decided to spell ROOKIE instead of their birth names or college name....

Its Rookie for sure. It says it on the box I believe.
Thanks all. Makes more sense and also lets me know which letters I still need.
got to love those "letter" chase cards... I'm still searching for the missing letters for my sets..

Trying to figure out how many Farmar Chronology "letters" there actually are.. is print run /10 for each letter??
[Image: CHRONOLOGY_LETTER-F-01-10.jpg]

I found a "U" for Bynum online.. looking for the rest, including the "cityname" 1/1 cards.

looking for all SP Authentic 08-09 "letters" of LAKERS...
[Image: GOLAKERS.jpg]
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