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Full Version: Stepped away for a bit... latest new pickups
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[Image: 102121.jpg]
[Image: 102122.jpg]
[Image: 102123.jpg]
[Image: 102124.jpg][Image: 102125.jpg]
[Image: 102126.jpg]
[Image: 102127.jpg]
[Image: 102128.jpg]
[Image: 102129.jpg]
[Image: 102130.jpg]

[Image: 102131.jpg]
[Image: 102132.jpg]
[Image: 102133.jpg]
[Image: 102134.jpg]
[Image: 102135.jpg]
Hey Vad! How are you doing, my good man? I don't see any cards... o.O Haha!!! Can't wait to see the show!

nice cards!! too bad I can only see a few of them right now....
Sweet crosby