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Full Version: Yay!! Finally, bought a Brady SPA RC!
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Wish I had bought it 4 years ago at half the price, but I was broke back then Smile My favorite player of all time, I'm hoping he gets #4 this year!!
Heck of a price. NICE!
I ended up sniping it with one second left. my hand was shaking because I was afraid I wasn't going to get
WOW!!!!!! Congrats
It would have been cheaper 4 yrs ago? AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME pickup!!!
maybe 5 years ago before the 2007 season. That's when I was first looking to get one. I remember it being in the 500-750 range...

Go Pats!!!
Holy crap....
If they win another SB that thing could hit 2K, I sold a RAW one in 2007 before the SB for $1,500.
Oh yah and also extremely jealous!! I only got these crap ones [Image: biggrin.gif]
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