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Full Version: my first Red Wings PC Pickup...yey!
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Got this bad boy for 6 bucks..../25
[Image: KGrHqVhEE7uMNmolBPC8LU365g60_12.jpg]
It's my first single pick up for my Red Wings collection, I think I did ok lol
check out my org. i have a few wings for trade
Wow, nice pick up at a great price!
great pick up for that price
Great pick-up for your first PC card! Congrats on the great price!

Sweet card. I just realized I've been slacking on picking up Wings cards. Oh well my Lions Pc is doing ok and my Tigers is looking really good.
The only downer was I missed the ending for the Triple auto from this set...only sold for like 36 bucks Sad
Man that sucks. If I would have seen that I might have tried for it. I've been busy looking at Tigers cards lately though lol.
I'm not a tigers guy. On an unrelated note, I pulled 2 sick ones (1 printing plate, 1 bazooka back) out of 11 A&G, feel free to check me for um if you're interested.
Sweet card... Pavel is the best!