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Full Version: OT--TTM autos
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My daughter and I want to start sending out some cards and photos to see what luck we would have in getting them autographed. I saw an earlier thread about sending to RNH and was just curious if anyone else here does this and what is your the best source for addresses? I know they can be sent to the players c/o the arenas but what about retired players? I bought a pack of signature cards to start cause they're not that expensive. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Mike It's like 4.99 a month but its definitely worth it. They have addresses for sports/movies/anything lol and they're constantly updated. There's also a forum there thats great for helping you get started. If you wanna know more about it lmk, and if you do deside to sign up, tell them you were referred by southernwellsfan! PM me if I can help you with anything!
The only one i know of is sports card forum's ttm database but compared to others im guessing its not that good. It's not constantly updated but if your looking for something free thats a good place to go. Hope that helped!

I have most of the addresses from the hockeydb-board:

Give it a try. The people are posting their successes and the return address, mostly from retired players.
That's a good idea, Mike! It seems that TTM's are becoming a lot more popular in the recent years. If you need any advice on them, you should contact Hugh (PENS FAN ADDICT) about it. He's always hitting-up the players for TTM's, and I am sure that Max Talbot would know him to see him by now! Haha! Best of luck to you!

great ideas

also if you know the player is working somewhere, you can try where he is working for. for example Pat Verbeck is working for Tampa as a Scout so you can just write to him via Tampa

there was 1 player who i wrote to at a a car dealership, he wrote back pretty quickly